How Vitamin D3 Became My Secret Weapon For Healthy, Glowing Skin*

When I first read the ingredient list of vitamin D3 potency+, making the switch was a no-brainer. In addition to this 5,000 IU vitamin D3 itself being organic (and coming from a sustainable plant-origin algal source), it also has an organic trio of avocado, olive, and flaxseed oils—all of which are super nourishing to skin cells.* (And as a bonus, healthy fats also aid vitamin D’s absorption!)*

I also love mindbodygreen’s high-quality amber glass packaging for its sustainability, ability to retain the supplements’ quality (especially those organic oils), and its aesthetic (obviously).

I’ve been taking mbg vitamin D3 potency+ every night for about two months now, and it has made a massive improvement in my skin’s clarity and hydration—even compared to the vitamin D3 supplement I was taking before.* I feel like my body is less reactive to foods thanks to upping my vitamin D intake, and my skin health wholeheartedly reflects that.* Even the tougher, more stubborn areas of my skin are improving!* 

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