How To Wash A Weighted Blanket In A Machine Or By Hand

Hand-washing and drying weighted blankets works too—and it’s actually gentler on the fabric.

To hand-wash your blanket, fill a bathtub up halfway with cool/lukewarm water and add a capful of mild, eco-friendly detergent.

Before plunging your blanket in, clear up any spot stains on its cover. Pro tip: Jana Van der Linde with weighted blanket company Bearaby recommends soaking the stained area in cold water and rubbing down with a cloth or sponge that has a drop of detergent.

Then, place your entire blanket into the water and gently scrub its sections together until you’ve cleaned the whole thing. (Use those muscles!) Allow it to soak for around 10 minutes, and then repeat the scrubbing process. Drain the tub and rinse the blanket until there’s no more soap.

To dry, gently squeeze water out without wringing it. Lay flat to dry. (This can take a while, so try to find a place with good air circulation, sunlight, or near a heating vent.)

There are some fillers you shouldn’t be getting wet at all, such as natural materials like sand, rice, or beans, as they could rot. This makes these pretty tricky to clean, so you’ll want to check in with the manufacturer for their tips.

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