How To Tap Into Your “Inner Elder” For Guidance

Studies show that we are living longer and longer. If this is true, then what can we do now in our younger years to live a long life free of regret? 

There is something deep inside of us, our own hidden understanding, that drives us to the realization that we gain so much through maturation; the feeling of fulfillment, the power of forgiveness, the medicine of generosity, and wisdom. 

Through embracing the fact that even in this very moment, we are one day closer to old age, one minute closer to death, one breath closer to a wrinkle, we learn to appreciate what we have while we have it. We learn to love our bodies rather than judge them and connect with our community and families while we still can. We remember always: This, too, shall pass.   

Is it possible that a lot of the suffering we see could stem from massive immaturity? If this is the case, then maybe if we embrace our ever-aging selves, we will radiate the energy of confidence and become a part of valuing wisdom in our society.

Having a mature presence means breaking the bonds of reactivity and stepping into the grace of receptivity. 

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