How To Take Your Plank To The Next Level With Knee Taps

Because this pose incorporates the catlike spine seen in cat-cow, take a few rounds of those to warm up, as it will help you go deeper into this move.

Start in plank pose, making sure shoulders are stacked over wrists and the neck is neutral. Your body will form a straight line as you lightly squeeze your glutes and hamstrings and engage your core. You should feel one long line of energy from the crown of your head to your heels.

From here, holding the plank, bring your right knee into your chest. As you squeeze your core and your right oblique, feel this isometric hold and keep your shoulders stacked over your wrists. Then, keeping your knee where it is, slowly tap your right knee to the mat as you inhale. 

As you exhale, lift your knee toward your nose making a catlike spine, doming your shoulders and creating space in the upper thoracic. As you squeeze your core, the backside of your body will have more space to open up.

Come back to plank on an inhale and switch sides. Continue as you link your breath to the movement.

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