How To Synch Up With This Mysterious Sign

Scorpio rules “other people’s money,” meaning this is the time to pool resources. Strategic alliances, and combining your money, talent, time, energy—whatever you have in abundance—will create a mutual win-win.

Scorpio is masterful at refurbishing and remixing—taking the old lead and spinning it into gold, creating something fresh and new. This four-week cycle is meant for reinvention and manifesting, even if you’re making something out of “nothing” or turning trash into treasure with savvy upcycling.

Yet another incarnation of Scorpio is symbolized by the golden Phoenix rising from the ashes. This month, you could even rise triumphantly out of something that felt like a loss, a waste of time, or downright apocalyptic. (Hello, 2020?!)

So sure, you might court some deep-pocketed and well-connected investors for your grand ideas, like Scorpio billionaires Laurene Powell Jobs, Wang Jianlin, or Bill Gates. But you could also free-cycle, potluck, crowd-source, and mine the shared economy’s treasure trove. No money actually needs to change hands for you to tap into Scorpio season’s wealth-building powers.

A resourceful attitude is all you need, and the spiritual Scorpio vibes will light the way. Join up with people who have a bounty of what you’re lacking—and vice-versa. Make sure everyone is giving an equal amount, even if one of you donates sweat equity while the other just writes a check. Together, you’re a force to be reckoned with!

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