How To Shop Small During COVID-19

The normal Thanksgiving-adjacent shopping season certainly keeps us on our toes (or fingers digging into our wallets, rather). There’s Black Friday, characterized by slashing prices, abundant big box sales, and perhaps a bit of excess. There’s Cyber Monday, which basically equates to the same thing just all done virtually. Then there’s Giving Tuesday, which is about using your money in an entirely different manner, one in which we adore around here: On Giving Tuesday, individuals and companies are encouraged to donate to causes dear to them.

Nestled in there is another day we highly approve of: Small Businesses Saturday. The day encourages shopping at local spots, thereby investing your money back into your community. It’s also usually a great way to get out-and-about, meet new people in your area, and discover new stores 

This year, I don’t think we need to remind you, looks different; As we continue to deal with COVID-19, we’re all encouraged to stay home. It’s a bitter irony that has come up time and again over the past several months: At a time where it’s never been more vital to put money back into the community and shop small, it’s never been harder—especially when shopping online at big retailers is just so convenient. But a recent report found that in the first COVID surge, small businesses lost a reported 40% revenue—even more upsetting, 40% of small businesses closed nationwide. 

And given our recent numbers, it does seem we are likely heading back into a similar situation. 

So for this year’s Small Business Saturday, we encourage you to take the extra step and figure out how you can support small businesses in your area. Here, some tips to get you started.

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