How To Shop For Sustainable Seafood, Plus The Tuna Melt Recipe We Can’t Get Enough Of

The MSC was established to end overfishing and ensure future generations can enjoy the same sustainable, wild seafood we do now. Its certification and ecolabelling program builds a more sustainable seafood market and, as a bonus, makes the eco-minded individual’s grocery store visit a whole lot easier.

When you see the MSC blue fish label, you can trust that the seafood you’re buying is sustainably sourced, from an ocean-to-plate traceable supply chain, and wild-caught. All MSC certified seafood has been vetted against a set of criteria that was developed in partnership with scientists, the fishing industry, conservation groups, and other experts to verify the sustainability of a fishery. In addition, the MSC requires third-party assessments and auditing of all fisheries in the program and conducts fish DNA testing periodically as a fail-safe against fraud and mislabeling.

Once you get in the habit of looking for the MSC blue fish label, you’ll see it’s not just found with fish at the seafood counter. You’ll find it when shopping for frozen fish, canned fish, pet food and even supplements! 

Remember, shopping sustainably is about so much more than the food you’re putting on your plate — it’s about backing the sustainable practices that will safeguard our future and ensuring that the brands you support are aligned with your personal values. Currently, more than 350 fisheries around the world are engaged in the MSC certification program, and more than 17% of all global catch is now certified to MSC standard. Its goal is to have 30% of the world’s fisheries engaged in the process by the end of 2030. By supporting brands and products with the MSC blue fish label, you’ll be helping to reach this important goal and encouraging more grocers and seafood brands to get involved in the program. 

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