How To Separate Your Workday From Nighttime While WFH

Say what you will about commutes, but they do one thing really well and that’s separate your work from your home—literally, of course, but emotionally too.

Reminiscing (not a word I’d ever apply to the NYC transit system) on my commute home of yesteryear, I remember it as 10 minutes spent in a subway car slowly—sometimes, very slowly—moving away from the demands of the office. Though I may not have enjoyed these moments at the time, they reminded me that there’s a whole bustling world outside of my screen.

In a way, I think the physical division also helped me tease apart my work-life from my home life, and not conflate them to the point of accidentally constructing identity solely from my work. These days, making that distinction takes more effort.

So, in the name of the faux-commute, I combed through the mbg archives for ideas on how to mentally “leave” work at the end of every day, and get into nighttime mode quicker than a ride on the F train.

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