How To Relish In Your Coffee Routine For A Joyful Morning In 2021

Coffee is an item in life I don’t care to live without, and I’ve tried: For one miserable three-month stint I gave it up during a skin care experiment, and I realized by the end of week one that whatever benefits I encountered later in my trial was certainly not worth giving up the pleasure of a morning brew. It wasn’t, and seconds after the story was published I turned back to my coffee cup. And coffee, to me, isn’t just a means to energy: I love the taste, I love the smell, I love warmth, I love the add-ons, I love the cups, and I love the ritual. 

If you haven’t picked up on this yet: Coffee brings me joy. 

But for something I look forward to every day, I actually don’t spend much time doing it. And if last year taught me anything, it’s that we really should be spending more engaging in the things that fulfill and sustain us. So in an effort to elaborate on my greatest morning pleasure, here are some simple ways I’m trying to up my morning cup. If you’re looking for a moment of pause in your daily ritual, I’d invite you to try a few, too.

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