How To Position Your Pillow To Support Your Spine & Sleep Better

Firstly, Hardick says more than one pillow under your head while actually sleeping is “almost never needed—or practical.” Instead, go for a larger pillow that flattens to adapt to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, he says.

If you really love your foam pillow and it helps you get through the night, keep using it. However, Hardick notes, feather, down-filled, or even a Posturepedic pillow are your best bets. And on top of material and support, he suggests making the investment and going for a pillow that’s non-toxic, organic, odorless, and not going to off-gas chemicals. “I’ve seen many people moving to bamboo for this reason,” he says.

Lastly, give body pillows a try if you’re struggling to stay in a good sleep position throughout the night. “Body pillows are great for providing lower back support and pressure relief, and can help you remain in a side sleeping position,” Bhopal adds.

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