How To Play Like A Kid For The Sake Of Your Mental Health

Unencumbered by the burdens of adulthood, Beurkens explains that kids are actually really good at finding joy wherever they go. “Kids don’t have the responsibilities of adults, so they gravitate toward using their time in ways that bring pleasure and meet their needs,” she says. Without all the to-do’s, distractions, and demands for their time, young children also tend to be more mindful of their surroundings. “They notice the small things they experience in life, and delight in them,” Beurkens adds.

Oftentimes, kids will use play and movement to help them process and regulate their emotions. That’s a skill that adults could most definitely benefit from—especially during such emotionally demanding times.

“Play, although it may look different for adults, gives the mind freedom to explore and work through uncomfortable feelings and experiences, and can also serve as a beneficial distraction,” says Beurkens. “As adults, one of the best ways for us to reduce stress is to slow down and be more mindful—taking in the things that bring us joy in the smallest of ways throughout our day.”

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