How To Pick The Perfect Onion

“Onions are versatile vegetables that can add character to a wide array of dishes,” says Poon, “I let the unique flavor and texture of each onion guide which type I will use for each recipe.”

In terms of flavor, yellow onions are the most adaptable—think of them as your everyday any recipe onion, and don’t mistake them for white onions, which have a much sharper onion flavor. The sweet varieties are, as you may guess, sweeter than the other varieties, and red onions are actually pretty similar to yellow onions, though they’re slightly crisper.

But there’s another queue you can follow: your gut. And we don’t just mean your intuition.

“One thing to note is that some people experience digestive discomfort from eating certain types of onions,” says Poon. This can also extend beyond just what type of onion you pick towards how you cook it: some people may be better off eating slow cooked onions than raw chopped bits—but you have to listen to your body to figure that out. “If eating a certain type of onion causes you to feel bloated, or digestive discomfort, then maybe that particular variety or method of cooking isn’t for you”

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