How To Manifest Anything: The Ultimate Expert Guide

How To Manifest Anything: The Ultimate Expert Guide

Money is, of course, another area people often want to tackle with the law of attraction—and it starts by identifying whether you’re operating from a scarcity mindset. Similar to manifesting love (or anything from that matter) removing the subconscious blocks that are interfering with your desires is key.

“If you would like more financial abundance to show up in your life, you need to begin thinking thoughts of financial abundance rather than of financial lack. You are even encouraged to start envisioning scenarios that signal financial abundance to you: opening your mailbox to find paychecks for large sums of money, being offered a higher-paying job, eating dinner at a nice restaurant, or whatever financial abundance means to you,” Yusim tells mbg. 

The trick, she adds, is rather than thinking thoughts about wanting those things, you can think thoughts about already having those things. (Thoughts of “wanting” are actually thoughts of lack—we want what we don’t have.)

“According to the law of attraction, such thoughts attract more lack. In contrast, thoughts of already having are thoughts of abundance, which would attract more abundance. The way of manifesting something in your life, therefore, is to think thoughts of it already being in your life,” Yusim explains.

From an abundance mindset, if you would like to manifest a new job or make more money, start telling people you know of your intention, and take aligned action, networking and/or applying for jobs online, she suggests.

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