How To Make Pine Needle Tea To Support Immunity

Two routes to take, here. You can either purchase ready-made pine needle tea (here’s an organic option), or you can always make your own. According to Gandhi, it’s easy to make.” 

For what it’s worth: Yes, you can pick the pine right off the branch—just make sure you choose the right type of tree: According to a USDA Forest Service study, Eastern white pine has an impressive amount of ascorbic acid per gram. Another study touts balsam fir needles (technically a type of pine) for their vitamin C content, so those two seem to be the best options. Regardless, it’s super, super important to I.D. your pine before taking a sip—you don’t want to be drinking just anything off the ground, here. If you have any doubts at all, snag a market option that’s formulated safe—the DIY route can wait. 

If you do have the right pine needles at the ready, follow Gandhi’s simple steps:

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