How To Make Friends As An Adult: 9 Tips From Experts

Yes, this may be a little difficult in the age of COVID-19, but there are still plenty of virtual interest groups you can take advantage of right now. As psychologist Nicole Beurkens, Ph.D., explains to mbg, “One of the easiest ways to connect with people who might be friendship material is to engage in group activities around your interests.”

“One of my favorite ways to make friends as an adult is Meetup,” says somatic psychologist Holly Richmond, Ph.D. “There’s also My Social Calendar.”

Engaging in things you enjoy, whatever they are, “can reduce fears of awkwardness by giving you something to focus on besides the people involved,” Beurkens adds.

For a little inspiration, here are just some of the different activities you can consider, offered by Beurkens, Namavar, and Richmond:

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