How To Make A Vegan Version At Home

I’ve always been a bit intimidated by homemade dumplings: the folding, especially. It’s simply not the sort of thing I’ve ever felt qualified enough to make—but this recipe makes the process seem manageable, even for a total novice like myself. Step-by-step instructions mean they even look like proper dumplings, as well as tasting amazing.

It turns out, it wasn’t necessarily something restauranteur Stratis Morfogen thought he’d master, either: “I never, ever thought I’d end up a specialist, of sorts, in Asian cuisine,” he writes in the introduction to his new book Damn Good Dumplings. “That part isn’t my blood or birthright—but it’s been an essential ingredient in the journey I’ve taken.”

After learning the business in his family’s restaurants, Morfogen began learning Asian cuisine as a founding partner at Philippe by Philippe Chow, where they specialize in Beijing-inspired cuisine. While he’s since moved on to other endeavors, Morfogen still keeps some of that inspiration—dumplings included—in his restaurants.

These vegan dumplings are a perfect classic plant-based recipe: they have a simple mix of veggies and take on classic flavors like ginger and garlic for a bit of punch of flavor and of health benefits. Prepping these may take a bit of focus if you’re not already used to folding process, but consider it a practice in patience and mindful cooking.

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