How To Know If Breaking Up Was The Right Decision

Will I feel lonely?

Will I be able to meet anyone else?

What if this was a mistake? 

These questions are all normal after a breakup, says Nguyen: “All change, even if it is largely positive, comes with some anxiety, fear, or regret.” 

When you’re thinking about the breakup, there can be a lot of sadness and pain around shared memories. Perhaps your life with them was easy and comforting, and imagining being on your own is terrifying. But don’t let fear enable you to regress from your decision. It doesn’t help you, and they don’t deserve to be with someone who only wants to be with them because they don’t want to be alone. 

“The problem with the unknown is that it is precisely that: unknowable. We may not know answers to these questions for a while, if ever. All we can do is routinely ask ourselves what we need and try to walk towards that as much as possible. Sometimes we find out more information and have to change course, and that’s okay,” Nguyen says.

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