How To Keep Holiday Drama Out Of Your Relationship

I’m running on empty, and the last thing I need is another holiday to-do list from her.

It’s infuriating that he didn’t have my back when his sister made that nasty comment during dinner.

She’s so selfish; can’t she see that another family holiday party will send me over the edge?

Why does he spend so much on gifts when we’re already struggling financially?

The holidays bring a load of joyful connection and delights, but they can also take a toll on relationships. Especially when we focus on doing our best for others—showing a bright and upbeat face to the world even when we’re stressed—our intimate relationships often take the hit. And, unfortunately, holiday pressures can trigger us in subtle ways that create draining relationship drama. 

As you prepare for the holiday season ahead, here are five habits that can help you keep drama out of your relationship and improve your connection to your partner.

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