How To Keep A Clear Complexion During Holiday Stress & Travel

I don’t know about you, but my skin does not take lightly to holidays or special occasions. I am often, not always but often, left with blotchy, inflamed, angry skin a few days post festivities. While skin is a complicated, nuanced, and complex organ—one in which a blemish or rash could have multiple confounding triggers to blame. 

Here’s why my skin capital-F Freaks out the week following holiday time—and why yours likely does as well: It’s a chaotic combo of indulgent food, extra stress, a thrown off circadian rhythm, and not being diligent with my skin care. Then, if you add travel on top of this, you have another slew of issues, including but not limited to: time zone changes, recycled plane air (if you are flying), dry car air (if you are driving), making skin care swaps with travel versions, and even sleeping on new pillow cases. 

This all amounts to absolute havoc, especially if your skin is sensitive to begin with. 

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