How To Host A Virtual Full Moon Circle: Sample Itinerary & Tips

According to MacMillan, you want your circle to be held as close to the full moon as possible, digital or not. “But sometimes that’s midnight or noon, so doing it the night before or day after is totally fine,” she says.

Figure out how you’ll let people know about it, whether that’s a Facebook invite, an email, or just a text. MacMillan notes she likes to have a certain amount of intimacy in her circles, and it’s a good idea to cap the guest list at somewhere around 12, no more than 20. As anyone who’s been in a large Zoom meeting can understand, the more people involved, the less everyone gets to talk!

“There’s definitely something to be said for welcoming new people into a space and having a diverse group of people who have different levels of experience with this sort of thing,” she adds, to aid each other in exploring ritual, “especially for some who aren’t as comfortable or familiar with it on Zoom.”

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