How To Have A Hands-Free Orgasm: 25+ Techniques To Try

“A hands-free orgasm is any type of sexual climax that does not involve the use of hands or digits of the person experiencing the orgasm,” says adult performer and licensed psychotherapist Jet Setting Jasmine. There’s more emphasis on how the other parts of your body aid in your sexual pleasure. 

There’s no one way to define what counts as “hands-free.” If you aren’t using your hands to stimulate your body, then you can consider it hands-free. It may involve using toys, energies, breathwork, household items, other parts of the body, or just the mind. If you want a truly hands-free experience, you can opt for a technique that doesn’t include anyone else’s hands either or even a technique that’s totally touch-free.

“We can tap into a deeper sense of pleasure if we start to widen our experience of our own internal sexual terrain,” certified sex and dating coach Myisha Battle, M.S., tells mbg.

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