How To Harness The Moon In Taurus

There’s bonus magic in the air this Halloween, thanks to a rare, full blue moon in Taurus (Saturday, October 31, 2020, at 10:49 a.m. EDT). With this Halloween full blue moon next to spontaneous Uranus, plans could take a surprising twist as you return to your senses—and your sensuality.

The Halloween full blue moon of 2020 is also a Taurus full moon that arrives during Scorpio season each year. This moon anchors you during an astrologically intense time. Are you feeling ungrounded? Anxious for no discernible reason? Earthy Taurus can get your feet back on terra firma—making you strong and stable enough to alchemize all the mystical Scorpionic visions into tangible form. 

That said, the Halloween full blue moon lands at a close degree to shock-jock Uranus, the planet of surprises and disruption. If you’ve been stuck in an unworkable pattern, you may finally see a way out of the maze. Since Taurus is the sign of self-worth, this full moon reminds us all of the importance of valuing yourself. Choices made near October 31 may not please everyone in your world. But if they are true and beautiful in your estimation, find the courage to step in the direction of your desires.

This is also the first time we’ve had a Halloween full moon since 2001. Equally rare? As the second full moon bookending October 2020’s Taurus full moon is considered a blue moon. (The Aries full moon arrived on October 1.)

The Algonquin tribes and early colonial Americans called this lunation the Hunter’s Moon because in North America, it’s the time of year when humans and animals are stockpiling their food for the winter. This week, put an infrastructure in place to “capture” a dream you’ve been hunting since the Taurus new moon six months ago. Don’t tiptoe—the Halloween full blue moon gives you permission to open the throttle. Just remember to take the curves with Taurean precision and pragmatism.

Below are six ways the Halloween full blue moon in Taurus helps you sway with the winds of change instead of getting swept away by every gale force:

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