How To Harness The Moon In Leo

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who’s the fiercest of them all? The competition heats up Wednesday, February 16, as the 2022 full snow moon in Leo raises our gaze to the night skies.

Under this annual, lunar light, we’ll all feel like putting our best, rhinestone-studded, statement-heeled, foot forward. Talk about major magnetism! Charm the world with your brilliance and creativity and watch your fan base grow. Then, feel free to enjoy the allure of your purr behind closed doors.

But this isn’t just “a moment.” Love planets Venus and Mars connect in Capricorn for a rare, exact meetup on February 16. In the sign of long-term goals and public prestige, any deals you seal under the 2022 full moon could go the distance, bringing lasting passion and fame. 

This full moon will also square the lunar North and South Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. Have you been too “fixed” about your plans lately? Invite more creativity into your process. Stability and security are nice to have, but you can pay too high of a price if you compromise on things like passion, creativity, and romance. So maybe it’s better to be a little uncertain about the future if it means keeping the door open for dreaming. 

This full moon earned its name from numerous Indigenous tribes for obvious reasons. The snow moon represents peak winter, when the ground is most likely to be blanketed in white in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

With playful Leo in the full moon hot seat—or should we say on the ice throne—this year, get out and enjoy some winter fun. Take a ski or snowboarding lesson if you’ve never hit the slopes. Build a snowman, take the kids in your life sledding, or just make a snow angel. No need to stay out for hours if that’s not your jam. But like Leo, a sign that loves to be one of a kind, remember that every snowflake is unique!

Here are seven ways you can harness the potency of the February 2022 full snow moon in Leo:

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