How To Grow Eyelashes Quickly & Easily: 6 Derm-Backed Tips

Here’s the final ticket: To encourage growth, it’s important to keep the hairs you already have strong. Healthy, thriving hairs tend to look fuller, no? Of course, keeping those hairs happy includes all the methods mentioned above, but you’ll also want to do your best to avoid unnecessary stress.

Lashes are delicate and fine, and even the smallest of errs can pluck out those hairs with ease: Things like rubbing and tugging at the eyes (both with your palms and a harsh makeup remover), curling your eyelashes with death-grip force, and using irritating eye makeup can cause those lashes to weaken (and perhaps fall out). If you frequently find lashes littered across your pillow come morning, they’re probably begging for some tender care. 

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