How To Get It With 12 Tips From Dermatologists

Naturally smooth skin is one of those things we take for granted when we have it: washing our face at night or slathering on a tonic is just so effortless—perhaps even thoughtless. When your skin is soft, you tend not to think about it as much; there is simply less to preen about. Then, when you feel a bump, fold, or scar, many people’s immediate reaction is: OK, how do I smooth this out again? 

And listen, consistently having smooth skin takes patience, consistency, and—if we’re being honest—a pinch of luck. Smooth skin may feel effortless—but it hardly ever actually is. Not to mention, there are a plethora of reasons your skin feels less-than-taught. Texture issues can arise from acne (in the form of pimples and pustules—or later as scars), rosacea (a common misdiagnosed symptom is small, white-head like bumps), eczema (those notorious dry, flaky patches), enlarged pores (which can create rougher, orange-peel-like skin), and fine lines (which create etches and folds). And what will work for acne may not work for something like eczema. Oh, we must also mention that many people have a blend of a few skin conditions or concerns—so finding the right routine takes some smart cocktailing. All of this to say: achieving smooth skin, well, involves a bit of nuance.

But there are ways to keep your face soft, in the short term as well as long. Here are some of the best, expert-approved ways out there—all natural, of course. 

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