How To Form Healthy Habits That Stick, From A Holistic MD

The word healthy has a different meaning for everyone. One person’s version may include tending to their garden every day, and another person’s may be walking for 30 minutes daily. Basing your actions on another person’s version of health, rather than your own, will likely lead to disappointment—and can even become dangerous. 

I’ve seen patients’ bodies break down due to “healthy” habits, like over-exercising, under-eating, or eliminating nutritious foods groups from their diets. If you begin to notice obsessive behaviors or negative effects from setting a habit, it’s no longer healthy. 

A genuinely healthy habit should consistently boost your mood, your energy levels, and your desire to be involved in your own life and other people’s lives. There should be a level of joy attached—not a feeling of responsibility, dread, or anxiety. 

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