How To Find Your Mental ‘Flow State’, From A Yoga Instructor

We are all spiritual creatures, even if we don’t fully realize it yet. Try thinking back to a time as a kid when you felt completely yourself, relaxed and comfortable, unconcerned with the expectations of others, and inspired. Maybe it was when you were doing something that you loved, like a favorite childhood hobby. Maybe it was a simple moment, but one where you felt really alive, like lying in your backyard in the grass staring up at the sky.

I remember a moment like this, when I was around seven years old. I was sitting in the woods behind my house and I was suddenly hit with a profound understanding of who I was, and my connection to the vast universe that I was a part of. I remember completely losing track of time and my physical senses taking over, sounds around me becoming more clearer, and colors brighter. I got this message from the universe that I had been put on earth to help others, to serve in some way, and I remember feeling excited that my life was so full of potential in that moment. 

I know this story may sound a little out there, particularly the idea that this happened to me as a seven-year old. But I think we are all capable of receiving these kinds of messages from the universe about our purpose, if we are willing to be open and listen for them. I believe that moment, at age seven, was ultimately what led me to my calling as a yoga teacher—even if I lost my way and veered off this path occasionally. My decision to change my life, slow down, and reprioritize, was what led me to rediscover this path and my purpose. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, so much so that I talk about it in my upcoming book, Clean Mind, Clean Body.

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