How To Find The Right Shade Of Blush & Test It Correctly

Many shoppers make the common mistake of testing blush on the inside of their wrist—this is a great technique to assess whether or not you enjoy the texture of a product or your skin will react to a certain formula (which arguably matters just as much when choosing a blush!), but when it comes to the shade, you’re better off testing the color on your face, if you can. 

Both Compton and Irwin agree: The best way to test a blush is to try it on! “Don’t swatch it on your inner wrist because this is one of the lightest areas on your body, so you won’t get an accurate read on the shade,” Compton says. 

If you don’t feel like wearing makeup at the moment, Irwin says you can swatch the product on the back of your hand and hold it up to your face to imagine the color payoff. Regardless, your wrist and face are likely not the same color—so relying on that patch of skin can leave you with a wonky shade. 

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