How To Eat More Vegetables Each Day, According To Dietitians

Again, we want our vegetables to be as accessible as possible to help increase our intake. With this, prepping your veggies at the beginning of the week so they’re readily available to add to any meal will give you the best chance of actually eating them instead of letting the produce rot in your fridge.

“I roast veggies for the week and add them into different dishes,” explains Kimberlain. “Whether I’m making a grain bowl or including the veggies in my tacos or pasta, it’s just a great way to ‘meal prep’ a few to use throughout the week.” We’re not reinventing the wheel here, people—meal prep works!

And if you struggle to find time to do the prep work yourself, consider a meal delivery service. There are plenty out there, depending on your dietary needs. For a veggie-forward option, check out our top picks for plant-based, Whole30, and Mediterranean diet meal delivery services.

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