How To Eat For Your Genes, From An Integrative Gastroenterologist

Nutritional genetics tests are available through a variety of different companies, and can often cost under $300. Ask your primary care physician or gastroenterologist if they offer nutritional genetics testing, and check to see if it’s covered by your insurance. While most insurance companies may not reimburse the test, if the cost is manageable for you, the information you will glean is well worth the price. The key is to make sure you get the test from a reliable company, focused on high-quality, evidence-based recommendations.

While several companies conduct the same test, the recommendations in the reports can vary. Why is that? Well, while your genes are your genes—they aren’t changing or shifting from report to report—the ways in which certain companies interpret the science and choose to educate you on it can differ. So, especially in this case, it is important to look at who is powering the interpretation of the results. 

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