How To Dress For Your Aura Color, From An Intuitive Stylist

In spiritual circles, auras are the unseen energy fields that surround our physical bodies. And since no day is exactly the same, your aura’s shade is likely slightly different today than it was yesterday.

“The emotions we experience below the surface, and the relationship we cultivate with ourselves, are both embodied by our aura,” Susanna Merrick, an intuitive stylist and founder of Aura Wear, explains to mbg. Merrick helps people express these emotions and energies through clothing, and she’s a pro at dressing for your aura color—or the aura color you want to be giving off.

Aura styling is all about “gathering garments that align with our aura, harnessing our innermost energies, and projecting them outward to give them added strength, power, and punch,” Merrick explains. We can do this, of course, by wearing particular colors, but also by dressing to support the energy of that color.

You can take this quick aura quiz to get a sense of the kind of energy you’re currently exuding, and then follow along as Merrick lends ideas for how to dress for each aura shade and when to wear certain colors.

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