How To Do A Goblet Squat: Form, Modifications & Variations

There are an infinite number of ways to exercise, but sometimes the most basic movements prove to be most effective. When it comes to building glutes, squats are a cornerstone of strength training. Not only are they able to level-up as you grow stronger (simply use more weight), they’re also seamless to modify in a variety of ways—so you’re constantly targeting new muscles and never growing bored. 

If the tried and true squat isn’t doing it for you, the goblet squat is another great option if you only have one dumbbell or are working to target those hard-to-reach muscles on the outsides of your glutes. Here, BB Arrington, CPT walks us through the perfect goblet squat form, as well as a variety of other squat variations, so you can find the option that feels right for you.

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