How To Channel The Ambitious Sign

Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” you will feel this prevailing astrological energy—no matter what your Sun sign. Capricorn season 2020–2021 spans the holidays, beginning Monday, December 21, and ending Tuesday, January 19.

In 2020, this zodiac cycle launches with extra oomph! Monday is also the date of the ultra-rare Great Conjunction between no-limits Jupiter and structure-hound Saturn (the planetary ruler of Capricorn) at 0º29′ Aquarius. This planetary pairing only comes around every 20 years. It will lend the spirit of innovation, progress, and wishful thinking to Capricorn’s can-do momentum. 

Capricorn season always starts with the winter solstice—the shortest amount of daylight all year. As winter begins, in the spirit of sensible Capricorn, conserve your own “light” and move at a slow-and-steady pace. With live-out-loud Sagittarius season drawing to a close, allow your energy to settle down. 

As you’re planning, building, and thinking about the New Year, tap into Capricorn’s introspective powers. Remember, even though things maybe be moving slowly now, none of your dreams or goals are too grandiose.

Here are seven ways you can channel the ambitious spirit of Capricorn season 2020–2021 as you get a head start on those resolutions:

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