How To Celebrate The Moon In Gemini

Kindred spirits unite! The 2020 Gemini full moon—also a potent lunar eclipse—casts a spell on Monday, November 30 (at 4:29 AM EST), revealing unexpected connections.

Gemini is the sign of the charismatic Twins and during the next two weeks, the missing piece of your partnership puzzle could manifest, thanks to the full moon in this sign. Since it also happens to be a lunar eclipse, get ready for a surprising plot twist. Eclipses reveal possibilities that were hidden in the shadows. Who knew that person shared so many common interests with you?

As the zodiac’s curious communicator, seasonal socializing heats up under the 2020 Gemini full moon—and conversations will be lively and stimulating. Traditional mingling may be limited this year, but in mobile-friendly Gemini, we’ll find creative ways to connect from remote locations. Hometown happenings are Gemini’s domain. Support area businesses as much as possible, shopping locally for gifts (hello, curbside pickup), or donating to a neighborhood charity. 

Native Americans called the November full moon the Full Beaver Moon because this is the time these industrious creatures build their winter dams each year in preparation of the icy chill. As we hunker down for the cold months, this full moon reminds us of the importance of being prepared.

Here are seven ways to spark synergy at the November 2020 Gemini full moon.

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