How To Apply Natural-Looking Concealer Like A Makeup Artist

Now, I’d be remiss not to remind you that before you even think about makeup, you should tend to the skin itself. Brown recommends layering different hydrators and face creams until your complexion is supple and plump

From there, Brown starts with the under-eyes, where she uses a lighter shade of The Face Pencil. “You need light under the eyes because it’s darker under there,” she says. We should note that this isn’t just a problem for those who tend to get moody circles; the area can appear darker simply due to shadows, so adding some brightness will help the eyes pop. “It always helps to lighten the area just a bit, especially around that little socket in the inner corner of the eye. It shouldn’t look too light [compared to the rest of your complexion], just a bit brighter than your skin tone.”

Then she tends to any discoloration around the nose and mouth, blemishes, and dark spots—but here’s the key: “These are usually all different colors,” says Brown. 

“Think about it: If you used the shade you used for your under-eyes on any other part of the face, it would make that area stand out instead of blend in. Then the color you need to match your forehead will probably be a slightly different shade than that of your cheek or nose,” she says, noting that the forehead tends to get more sun and therefore is often darker. “Just put some concealer on it and then blend it out so it matches the rest of the skin.”  

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