How The Antioxidant Power Of Vitamin D Promotes Healthy Aging*

Vitamin D signaling pathways are a key player in directly protecting cells from the overaccumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS).* Specifically, vitamin D helps protect proteins (e.g., hormones, antibodies, collagen, etc.), fatty acids (aka lipids, like those in cell membranes throughout the body), and DNA from oxidation by combating oxidative stress.* 

Additionally, sufficient levels of vitamin D support mitochondrial resilience (you know, that energy powerhouse organelle in our cells) and endocrine functions.* This, in turn, promotes healthy energy metabolism, hormone activity and balance, and longevity.* 

Beyond the functions that foster antioxidant activity on a cellular level, here are some additional physiological systems that vitamin D supports to promote our overall well-being as we age:*

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