How Higher Levels Of DHA Can Make Your B Vitamins More Effective

How Higher Levels Of DHA Can Make Your B Vitamins More Effective

To examine the correlation between DHA levels and the brain-support efficacy of B vitamin supplementation, the study analyzed 191 adults aged 65 and older who were provided varying amounts of folic acid, vitamin B12, or a placebo option for two years.

This was tested by administering baseline cognitive tests at the beginning of the study, and another exam at the two-year mark. These tests looked at benchmarks for memory recall, speed reading, digit matching, and letter fluency. Alongside these tests, physical health data of the participants was collected as well.

The results revealed that participants who had higher levels of DHA in their bodies experienced a superior nootropic effect (i.e., cognitive protection) from their B vitamin supplement regimen, specifically folic acid and vitamin B12. 

But how does one achieve higher levels of DHA exactly? Well, since our bodies are unable to create DHA in meaningful amounts (i.e., because another omega-3 fat known as ALA can only be converted in minimal amounts to DHA), we must consume it.

Our nation has a widespread omega-3 gap, so intentional dietary and supplemental intake of marine omega-3’s like DHA and EPA is important to address this inadequacy and reap the myriad benefits (including the brain-centric ones) of these unique and healthy fats.*

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