How Gut Health Is Tied To Metabolic Health, According To An MD

As for ways to take care of your metabolic health? Foucher-Urcuyo shares that managing your stress, getting adequate sleep, and eating a diet of nutritious, high-quality whole foods can help. She also noted one more factor that perked up our ears: “Our gut microbiome plays a role, too,” she says, “which is largely influenced by our lifestyle factors.”

Of course, since the gut microbiome plays a role in so many elements of our health—from digestion to immunity and even mood—gut health is already a top priority at mbg. So it’s reassuring to hear from Foucher-Urcuyo that taking measures to support the microbiome may also be beneficial for metabolic health.

Some of our expert-backed, go-to ways to support gut health include: taking a high-quality probiotic supplement with targeted strains; eating fermented foods (kimchi, kefir, miso, yogurt, kombucha) and prebiotic foods (inulinchicory rootJerusalem artichokesonionsraw asparagus); and managing stress by exercising, spending time in naturemeditating, or connecting with loved ones.

Gut health has an all-encompassing effect on our overall well-being, and we can now add metabolic health to the list of reasons to protect and nourish our microbiome effectively.

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