How ‘Gangs of London’ Star Sope Dirisu Prepares for his On-Screen Fights

Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù (pronounced Shop-eh) excelled in drama and joined the National Youth Theatre in 2006 before studying Economics at the University of Birmingham. It was there that he pursued a passion for American Football, banging heads as a quarterback for the Birmingham Lions. Still, off the field, Sope continued his dreams of becoming an accomplished actor by auditioning, and being accepted into, the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2012, and in recent years he’s garnered critical acclaim for an uncanny portrayal of Muhammed Ali in the stage play One Night in Miami. You may also have seen Sope in popular television series such as Humans and Black Mirror.

But in his most physically challenging role yet, Sope plays the character of Elliot Finch in Gareth Evan’s ultra-violent new series, Gangs of London. As an undercover police officer who works his way into becoming a trusted henchman for the crooked Wallace Family, Sope gives a rounded performance that is full of intrigue, and with his imposing physique, standing at 6’1″, he commands his scenes while engaging in some brutal and unforgettable fight sequences. Muscle & Fitness sat down with one of film and television’s fastest rising stars to find out how he stays in shape, and how those thumping action sequences are put together.

The first three episodes of Gangs of London were released on AMC+ on October 1st, with further episodes airing each Thursday. AMC+ is available on popular streaming platforms such as Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

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