How Focusing on Calm and Caring Changed My Skin Forever

When I started my skincare journey in my early twenties my primary concern was breakouts. Well, breakouts and the unflattering trail of dark marks they almost always left behind. At that time, my skincare philosophy pretty much mirrored the mantra of a junior varsity football team – Go Hard or Go Home! And, yes, it was indeed as harsh as it sounds. My skincare arsenal was heavy on the “go hard”, which meant I was successful in blasting the acne, but my overall skin health took a real beating.

This cycle of aggressive treatment was only minimally effective, as my skin would be acne-free for a couple of weeks and then, boom — the flaky, dry, dehydrated state somehow triggered more breakouts. It was an exhausting hamster wheel that I had to get off, and I had to learn not only what triggered more breakouts, but also about how to care for my skin and nurture it with creams and specialty products.

Finally, I had an epiphany — I needed to shift my skincare triage tactics, embrace a holistic skincare lifestyle, and find ways to infuse more calm into my daily routine. I was depriving my skin of the TLC it desperately craved. The relentless breakout cycle was essentially a call for help.

After I switched from hyperactive to calming, my skin started to heal and improve. Weleda’s plant-rich, nurturing skincare products are simple, calming, and have helped me find my happy. Here’s how it looks. 

A Calm Start

In understanding that skin-soothing ingredients are just as important as active ingredients, I’ve learned to adopt skincare protocols that soothe the surface and minimize flare-ups. As the first step in a proper skincare routine, cleanser is a make it or break it product. If a face wash is too harsh, your face will absolutely freak out. If your face wash lacks efficacy, it will leave lots of excess oil, sebum, debris and leftover makeup unchecked. Be sure to choose wisely to set your face up for glowy success.

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