How DHA Fatty Acids Improve Working Memory And Brain Health*

When it comes to our brains, DHA is vital throughout the lifespan. It’s important to get adequate amounts of EPA and DHA daily (the minimum is 250 to 500 milligrams per day) to ensure you’re giving your brain all the fatty acids it needs to operate at full capacity—now and down the line.*

DHA is primarily found in fish, so consider introducing two servings or more of oily fish a week (per the Dietary Guidelines for Americans) to meet baseline omega-3 fatty acid needs. As nutrition scientist Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN explains, however, “To reap the full-on benefits of marine omega-3s for brain, heart, and whole-body health, science indicates a higher dose (1 gram plus) of EPA plus DHA each day is where it’s at. That’s like eating 7 servings of oily fish a week, mind you.”*

For these higher omega-3 levels, consider leveraging a premium-quality, sustainably sourced, health expert-approved fish oil supplement with third-party verified traceability like mbg’s omega-3 potency+. This daily essential delivers a potent 1.5 grams of EPA plus DHA (that’s the omega-3 equivalent of one serving of fish per day!) so that meeting your omega-3 needs isn’t another fish for you to fry.†

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