How Clearing Your Chakras Can Help Boost Your Intuition

The associations between the third-eye chakra and spiritual vision (clairvoyance) and the crown chakra and higher consciousness (claircognizance) are well known. But the connections don’t stop there: All seven major chakras channel intuitive abilities.

Think of the chakras as windows of perception or doorways of consciousness. Each chakra gives you a different vantage point and helps you appreciate different aspects of reality.

Your interpretation of life situations depends on which window you look through. When you approach things through a root chakra perspective, you’re focused on your survival instinct. With a sacral chakra viewpoint, you filter reality through your sexuality, emotions, and ability to be empathic (clairsentience).

Your unique profile of abilities is tailored to support your life’s purpose. For example, the fifth chakra, the throat, governs spiritual hearing (clairaudience), your inner voice, and pragmatic intuition. Let’s imagine your purpose is to expand consciousness by inspiring others, and you do this as a teacher, writer, speaker, or broadcaster. Your fifth chakra abilities would likely be an area of focus for you.

Your journey, perspective, and avenue to exploring your chakras is unique. Each chakra and psychic, intuitive ability offers its own challenges and growth experiences.

The lower chakras give you a more physical viewpoint. If you live life looking through these windows, you can lose yourself in the Earth game and forget about spirit. Focusing exclusively on the upper chakra, on the other hand, can make you lose touch with physical reality.

Unsealing all the chakras gives you a balanced perspective. It is necessary to travel through all seven perspectives to truly understand yourself and awaken to your full potential.

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