Here Are 5 Of The Best Plant Care Tips We’ve Heard In 2020

And lastly, when the seasons change, so do the conditions around our homes. Not only are our homes drier in the winter, but plants already go through seasonal growth spurts, with most growth occurring in the summer.

Come wintertime, make sure your plants are still getting adequate light, as much as possible. Be mindful of any places where the temperature fluctuates, such as near cold windows or a blasting heater. You also likely won’t have to water your plants as much, since your plants are naturally not apt to grow as much in the winter. Water as needed by doing a touch test to see when the soil has dried and is ready for a watering.

Plant parenting can be tricky, but with a little patience and practice, you’ll figure out what each of your plants needs, so you can give them the best care, and they can keep thriving.

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