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A First-Time Gym Routine for Women

The Best Gym Routine for Women

If the gym is a foreign entity to you, like marshmallow fluff, that’s perfectly fine. They’re admittedly overwhelming, like being under the hood of a Tesla. Today gym equipment has functions for flexion, extension, retraction, resistance, and 5 other daunting verbs we’d rather not hear. However, there are more than enough options when it comes to a gym routine for women.

For newbies there’s a gym fight or flight moment. Will I grab a machine and feel the burn, or hide in the corner of the aerobics room? Several sign up for gym memberships but switch gears after 3 visits; “abandon hope all ye who enter.” Men and women can be equally intimidated by a new gym. The guys though have an unusual advantage…stubbornness! A stubborn guy can fall into a gym routine since many gyms have the “lift weights and get big” vibe. Women not interested in bulking up should begin their gym experience with the following advice.

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Stretch from Head to Toe

Seasoned gym-goers on average still neglect the required amount of stretching. Evade the bad habit before it starts by stretching for a full 10 minutes. It’ll loosen the joints and also give a highlight area with pain or below normal range. Better to discover this during stretching, as opposed to midway through a motion with 50 pounds over your head.

Studies show stretching prior to a workout reduces muscle strength. As a trial run, keep away from weighted exercises your first time in the gym. Or, if you use a machine, set it at the lightest option and focus on the motion rather than the weight resistance. Down the road when you start using weight, stretch intermittently between workouts.

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Try Something Random

Behind every daunting machine is a smiley face sticker or word of encouragement. Try something that looks fun. We perform better when we’re having fun, so it almost hurts to start with something boring. Some of the stationary bikes have a virtual program where you can select a course and ride with fellow (computer) riders. Or grab a jump rope; we all felt cool doing that as kids. As an adult you’ll quickly realize it’s still fun, if you have the stamina. Whatever the activity, make sure it’s not something that’ll bore you.

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Take Longer Rests Throughout Your Routine

This isn’t a CrossFit competition; you’re not even competing with yourself. Give your muscles and respiratory system a short cooldown period after each exercise. Maintain a safe pace; remember that just walking into the gym was your victory.

There are people who go from exercise to exercise like workout monsters. Don’t be quick to copy their routine. Rest benefits everyone. Over time your workouts will culminate into a routine that works best for your mind and body.

Eventually, gyms across the nation will reopen. There will be new COVID-19 guidelines for staying safe and sanitary. Everyone expects a drop in gym usage, which gives you a chance to exercise in a place that’s not packed. This is a best-case scenario if you’re anxious about joining for the first time. Conquer your fear, walk through those doors, and set your own routine. As a reward, just this one time, we’ll support your craving for marshmallow fluff. There are lots of good gym routines for women out there.

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