Get Your Best Night’s Rest With Our New Sleep Destination

Getting a good night’s rest isn’t as simple as turning off the lights and putting your head on the pillow… as much as we wish it was. In 2020, so many of our everyday patterns were disrupted, it’s no surprise that our sleep was as well. Our limits, boundaries, and collective ability to sleep soundly were tested, and now it’s time to press the reset button and rediscover our internal rhythm. 

For insomnia sufferers, tossers and turners, night owls and early birds alike, our first-ever sleep vertical, presented in partnership with Bose, is a one-stop education destination for your best sleep yet. Discover techniques that will support your circadian rhythm, tips for how to prepare for bed, and products that will help you quiet any disruptive noise. 

In 2021, we’re putting our spin on reclaiming the nighttime, and for us, that means our most restorative sleep yet. Sleeping well is a skill, and together with Bose, we’re here to help you decode your physical patterns, change your behavior, develop healthy habits and most importantly, wake up refreshed. We’re turning the lights out on everything that’s not going to serve us this year, and fine-tuning our routines for our healthiest, happiest mind and body yet is at the top of the list. 

mbg Sleep will make sure you take the necessary steps to set yourself up for success. Remember that no matter how much you’re struggling to snooze, those eyes will close eventually. Take a deep breath: we’re here to help you explore unique sleep solutions that are personalized to your needs. It’ll be good nights and sweet dreams only in no time.

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