Get Cozy With This Warm Vegan Salad Packed With Winter Roots

There are truly so many different challenges people love to jump into in January, and in recent years one of the popular options has been Vegan-uary. But there’s one dish that we don’t jump to in the depths of winter, even when trying out the vegan diet: salad.

“In winter, salads can sometimes get overlooked in favor of warmer, cozier dishes” write Henry Firth and Ian Theasby in their new book. Firth and Theasby are the pair behind the BOSH! brand—including four other cookbooks, and their latest, Speedy Bosh!, is focused on quick and easy vegan recipes (we’re talking 30 minutes or less).

The simple act of roasting a few of the salad toppings—carrots and parsnip in this recipe—automatically makes the dish that bit more wintery, and the additions of black pepper, cumin seeds, and caraway seeds adds depth and warmth on a whole other level. Fruity flavors and a bit of garlic bread help make a perfectly balanced start to a very vegan new year—whether you’re a long-time subscriber or just trying it out for the first time.

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