From Recipes To Decor, Here’s How To Make Your Holiday More Sustainable

It’s that time of year again. With festive colors, holiday recipes, and friends and family in-town, the joyful traditions of the season remind us what we’re most grateful for. But this year, we’re thinking bigger. Not only are we appreciating our loved ones and the delicious spread of food on the table, we’re celebrating the planet that provides a home to it all!

Inspired to create a more sustainable holiday, we reached out to wellness coach and sustainability advocate Minna Lee to gather her top tips for a Friendlier Friendsgiving. 

In partnership with Daiya, we followed Minna’s hosting journey, all the way from the farmer’s market to a table set with eco-friendly decorations. And our #1 sustainability takeaway? Swap out one dish of each course for a plant-based alternative. Recipes using Daiya dairy-free cheeses are just as delicious and allergen-free…. Easier on the planet, and the host! To get a taste of Minna’s Friendlier Friendsgiving, check out the video, and the recipes below!

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