For Those With Chronically Dry Skin, Here’s How To Use Ceramides

There are a few things commonly found in skin care items that are also naturally produced in the body: collagen, hyaluronic acid, squalene, ceramides, as well as several types of antioxidants. These all serve a unique function in the skin, working together to keep us healthy with glowing complexions. 

However, all these things start to decline with age—as well as from environmental or internal aggressors—so often, people try to replenish the natural reserve, ideally resulting in more youthful-acting skin. There are several routes to do this in the holistic space, via treatments, topicals, and supplementation. This raises the question: Which route is more effective? Well, there’s no easy answer, as each component of the skin has a different delivery method that is most suited for it. 

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