Field Tested: Fast Charge Power Bank by OtterBox

What it is:

This slim, sleek device is all you need to keep your phone charged in the field. Whether you’re out on the trails or just exploring a new city, the Fast Charge Power Bank by Otterbox frees you up from having to locate an outlet and makes sure you never miss an important message or lose the ability to snap a photo.

OtterBox charger
Authentic Asheville

Why we like it:

A lot of charging devices are clunky and heavy. Not this one. The unit we tested comes in at 240 grams (or about 8.4 ounces). In other words, it’s lighter than a can of beer. It’s also roughly the same size as most smartphones. (Pictured above with the Pixel 4). When we’re embarking on expeditions where every ounce matters and we need a device to deliver charge without a ton of weight, we’re reaching for this one every single time.

OtterBox charger
Authentic Asheville

We also like the design. The thin gold band on the top of the power pack combined with its symmetrical shape (plus slightly grippy top and bottom) make it fun to hold. It looks equally good riding in a side pocket on your backpack, in the butt of your jeans, or on a picnic table at camp. Got butterfingers? No worries, this power bank is drop-protected. Gone are the days of coddling our tech. We expect our gear to take a few tumbles and keep on working. This one will do just that. Best part of all, it works with almost every phone on the market: Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.

OtterBox charger
Authentic Asheville


We’ve got two. Gripe Number One: Your closest friends and family will be tempted to ‘borrow’ your power pack and you may never see it again. Gripe Number Two: If you’re lucky enough to be able to hold onto it, you may be the one stuck doing all the navigating and picture-taking once everyone else’s phone has died. If you’re the present-exchanging sort, this is one of the best gifts you can give. Who doesn’t love a full battery?

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OtterBox Fast Charge charger
Authentic Asheville

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