Even More Evidence For Adding This Inflammation-Fighting Nut To Your Diet

In a report published last week in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers returned to data from a previous study to see if inflammatory biomarkers were affected by a walnut-enriched diet. The original study, titled Walnuts and Healthy Aging (WAHA), was first published eight years ago.

The new assessment found that incorporating walnuts into meals on a daily basis was linked to a reduction in the concentration of inflammatory biomarkers, which had been considered a “secondary outcome” in the original data. Over the course of a two-year period, the study followed up with a sample group of around 700 people aged between 63 and 79 years regarding cognitive health among other markers of aging.

Across analysis of 10 different biomarkers, this meta-analysis saw that those who engaged in the walnut diet saw a significant decrease in six of the biomarkers compared to the control group. While researchers acknowledge that another recent meta-analysis found walnuts ineffective for fighting inflammation, they point out that the data for that conclusion considered smaller sample sizes and a shorter time frame.

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